Monday, April 5, 2010

Celebrity Scents - Sexy or Stinky?

It seems like everyone and their mother has their own fragrance these days. It's tough to turn the page to a magazine, or walk through the cosmetics floor of any department store and not be bombarded by a barrage of celebrity-created fragrances.

Most fragrance enthusiasts are skeptical of these scents. You start to wonder...How much involvement did this celebrity actually have in the creation of their "juice?" Did they hire a company to take over the creative process, and slap their name on the label? Or were they in the fragrance lab a few times a week taking whiffs of fragrance oil blends and giving their feedback?

No one will know for sure, and of course it depends on which celebrity we are talking about. The only fragrances I can speak to, are the ones I have personally tried. Regardless of the feelings one may have toward these certain celebrities (translation: don't hate me!) these are my personal picks:

Clockwise from left:

Paris Hilton - Just Me: Vanilla and White Rose scent. Very girly, sweet and pretty. I like this for spring and daytime...with peep-toe pumps, a sun-dress, and pair of big sunglasses. Guess Paris hit the nail on the head huh?

Ed Hardy - Love & Luck: Certainly the King of Merchandising just about anything, this Ed Hardy fragrance is just fabulous. With orange, sandelwood and bergamot notes, it is one fragrance that I will usually grab to freshen up.

Paris Hilton: The original Paris fragrance, the zebra-stripped bottle is a lot of fun. Apple, peach-nectar and freesia notes, it is an upbeat and youthful blend.

Ed Hardy for Women: The original Ed Hardy fragrance for women by Christian Audigier. To be honest, I've actually got a lot of use out of this scent. I did buy it at the peak of the Ed Hardy craze (now the T-shirts can Rest in Peace, thank God!), but the juice itself is actually really great. A very fruity blend of apple, mango, strawberry and grapefruit make this scent super sweet and playful.

Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy: Way before her head-shaving days (KIDDING!) came Britney Spears's Fantasy fragrance. It's actually unlike any fragrance I own - extremely unique. And I always end up getting compliments when I wear it! A blend of framboise, black cherry, and musk, this scent is very mystic and ethereal.

Anyone try any of these? Or try any celeb fragrances they really liked?


  1. You must have some developed super olfactory nerves for such vivid descriptions from your reign as perfume potion making princess!

  2. my favourite is britney spears midnight fantasy im in love with this shame it doesnt taste like it smells lol but yeh every time i wear it people thing i've beben skoking shisha!

  3. @Ryan - how sweet! i will always be the potion making princess! =)

    @arabian_eyes - thanks for the love! i know, it's sad to admit, but i'm in love with the brit fragrance!

  4. I never actually even considered of checking out paris hilton's perfumes, but now you intrigued me... :) Now that i think about it,i never owned Name Perfumes... i'm really curiuos though about new J. Aniston's perfume Lola Vie :)

  5. @VaidaG - I know trust me, I was surprised that I liked them too!! Yes, I heard Aniston's perfume was coming out - I wonder what it'll be like! <3


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