Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ask The Expert - Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

It's near impossible to describe Sabrina. A few words come to mind immediately: unique, gorgeous, fabulous, magnetic, entertaining, ambitious, creative, multi-talented, witty, loyal, and loving.

She is one of the most amazingly talented makeup artists i've ever met, not to mention one of my closest and most beloved friends. I've asked her to answer some of our very important makeup questions, in a new category i'd like to call Ask The Expert.

Makeup Majesty: What type of makeup training have you had?

Sabrina: I attended the School of Make-up Designory also know as MUD in Soho. There I was taught and tested on Fashion, Bridal, Couture, Corrective, Male, Video, Television and light FX/ Character makeup. I was certified by New York State.

I have also been trained by MAC Cosmetics and have been certified by the company as well. I have been P.H.D., Basic, Advanced and Lesson certified. However, in this industry, one must keep an open mind and not have an ego. There is always something new to learn. I don’t care if you’ve been doing make up for 2 weeks or 2 decades. You can always learn something.

I also feel that in recent times due to technology Make- Up artists have changed some ways they have done make-up due to HD film for example. There’s a whole new way to cover up a blemish these days!

Makeup Majesty: Top 5 MAC Cosmetics products you would suggest for new comers?

Sabrina: “Plushblack” mascara, “Viva Glam V” lipstick and or gloss, select moisture cover concealer, “engraved” eyeliner and either “warm soul”, “pinch me” or “sweet as cocoa” blush depending on skin tone. These are good basics to start off with. These can be paired with other products the customer already has and they can see the quality of the makeup and most likely come back for more!

Makeup Majesty: Who is your Makeup Muse?

Sabrina: Hmm… growing up I read all of Keyvn Aucoin books and studied his work. I was fascinated by the way he transformed his models with just make-up. I suppose that’s why I have always had this fascination and admiration for make-up. I was amazed how a single lipstick can change one’s appearance.

I have personally been inspired by Hollywood legends and pin ups for my personal make-up. I’ve worn a classic 1950’s look since I can remember. But just various cultures inspire me and moods and music and movies. If I’m feeling sexy I’ll don my wings and red lipstick and represent everything I stand for. If I’m down, I’ll listen to sad music and pile on black liner and eye shadow till it appears that I have 2 holes rather than eyes.

Animals can inspire me, houses can inspire me …anything can inspire me. I like to create a look that goes with what I see. Men are also a big inspiration. I suppose it’s very Stepford Wife of me but I can see a man and I like to create a female version of him or a female for him… because I am so enamored with men. I think they are so sexy, witty and strong and so on. Therefore, when a woman reminds me of a female version of a certain male…it’s something I enjoy.

Also, the people I work with… they inspire me. Working with other artists you always learn, teach and inspire each other. It’s the beauty of working at MAC.
As for what I do on people… the individual inspires me. Each and every person that sits in my chair will cause a frenzy of creativity. They tell me their story and I create a character and look for them.

Makeup Majesty: Suggest a MAC lipgloss shade that compliments anyone.

Sabrina: THAT”S EASY!!! Love Nectar Lustreglass. The gloss looks great on everyone. I don’t care if you are snow white or midnight black. It will look great on you. Also the texture is a happy medium for many people. It’s not totally slippery or too honey like. Also, it looks great over any lipstick!

Makeup Majesty: Biggest makeup pet peeve?

Sabrina: Well there’s the classic orange line that outlines the jaw line because people want to be 10 shades darker than what they really are. They forget to blend it out or put bronzer on their neck and chest. My other big pet peeve is when clients want heavy smokey eyes and won’t let me fill in their eyebrows and won’t let me apply false lashes. It just looks unbalanced to me.

Makeup Majesty: Out of all the MAC mascaras, which one do you use on clients the most?

Sabrina: I’m huge into PlushBlack. I use black, almost always, because black will define the lash best. But I also love the brush. The brush allows me the curl their lashes as well as separate them. It applies a thick coat that is even but not clumpy.

Makeup Majesty: If you were to make a Sabrina cocktail, what would it be made of?

Sabrina: Equal parts of whiskey, loyalty, honesty and independence then garnish with immaturity and eccentricities.


  1. Why haven't I met Sabrina yet? Let's get on that please. Great post, as always.

  2. Great interview! Would love to read more about her:) Can you give us tips on how to get a job at a cosmetics counter (MAC, Benefit...)?

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  4. @FACE IT - thank you sweetie! there is more questions to come from Sabrina. and yes, great idea about how to get a job - perhaps a future post!

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  5. Really loved this post....Sabrina gave some good tips and really loves what she does!

  6. @Marianne - thanks so much! There are more Q&A to come from her, not to worry!


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