Monday, April 12, 2010

Ask The Expert - Make-up Artist Extraordinaire Part Two!

Sabrina shares makeup products that she can't live without! More makeup love from my FAVORITE makeup artist!

Makeup Majesty: Share some makeup products, from any brand, that you cannot live without?


First thing is first…Vaseline. I adore it. I have like 13 jars on hand at all times. They’re all over my house, in bags, in pockets… I have different sizes…I’m obsessed. I’m constantly lubing up my lips. But it’s also very versatile. It can remove make-up, hydrate your skin and nourish your lashes. It even helps soothe cuts and burns! I’ve used this product all my life and I will never stop!

Second, false lashes… I can’t live without false lashes. They make such a huge difference for both appearance and the overall outcome of the make-up application. I love all types of lashes. I enjoy double staking them as well. (I used to wear 4 pairs of lashes, but I’ve calmed down I suppose). I love to pair up a crosshatched lash with a spiked lash on top. I use lashes from local beauty supplies and MAC!

Third… cake eyeliner and a thin, straight brush. I’ve used a lot of cake liners, but I love MAC’s fluid line in “Blacktrack”. It’s the best b/c it’s water resistant. I also love the #210 brush. I hate angle brushes for doing liner… it’s so awkward. Plus, you get a nicer point on the wing when you use a straight brush. If you want a real old school cake liner, the type our grandmothers used…the one you have to wet and work at getting that perfect consistency…then I suggest MUD's cake eyeliner. I'm also an eyeliner junkie so I put a classic liquid on top after I apply my lashes. I find that it covers the band better and you’ll get a more dense black finish. I also apply liner to the upper waterline, so there is no pink showing and the false lashes look that much more realistic as well as making mine look fuller. I guess I can’t live without black eyeliner!!!!

Fourth… eye brow pencils and or shadow to fill in eyebrows. When you have well groomed, nicely shaped, full eyebrows, it creates your whole face. Eyebrows are so important… they are the shape and expression of our faces. It makes such a huge difference when you have the right shape as well. I know from experience. When I wore pin curls, waves and side bangs, I could get away with an arched eyebrow with a squared off end. However, I had to start wearing a curvier, more round eye brow when I cut my Bettie Bangs… it’s a shape on the face that makes a huge difference. I use MAC’s “Stud” eyebrow pencil and I go over it with MAC’s “Mystery” eye shadow. I then set it with a dark brown mascara or hair wax. I like MAC’s eyebrow pencil b/c the mechanic pencil allows for precise application and the formula is dense in pigment. I hate regular sharpened pencils for the eyebrow… I feel as though it comes out a bit sloppy and the color pigment is not vibrant enough.

Fifth …MAC’s “Ruby Woo” lipstick. It’s the perfect red for me, it’s not too drying to the lips and its “retro matte” finish stays on all night…even through a few martinis’ and a pack of smokes.

And there you have it ladies! What are some products that YOU can't live without?


  1. Have you tried calendula cream? It looks like vaseline, but is soooo much better then the original vaseline, and it is natural. It helps wound healing and if you put in on your lips before going to bed, it is gonna be super soft in the morning:))

  2. Lipstick Queen "Medieval" Lipstick and Burts Bees Beeswax Lipbalm are my 2 can't live without products! I am very fickle but these are two that have stood the test of time with me.

    Ellie x

  3. @FACE IT - no, I haven't tried! can you get it in the drugstore, or is it a luxury item?

    @missy_ellie - I love Burts Bees! It's great that they now sell it in drug stores in the US! =)


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