Monday, April 19, 2010

Applicator Allure

I started studying all the different types of applicators that my lipglosses have - short and long doe-foots, triangle doe-foots, short and long brushes, etc. How do these applicators effect the way our gloss looks? What is the best applicator and method? Here are a few that i've spotted so far:

tokidoki prisma lipgloss - Flexible Silicone Paddle Applicator

One of the newer applicators on the market, the paddle applicator is great for glosses that are very liquidy, like this prisma gloss. It's almost like a mini spatula for your lips. It feels smooth to the touch, and applies product evenly to the lips.

Benefit benetint pocketpal - Traditional Doe-Foot Applicator

Probably the most common lipgloss applicator, the doe-foot is a never fail. It's great, because you can apply almost any type of gloss with it easily. Some chicks even use it for certain lipsticks. It's been around forever, but the question remains - is it the best option? Or just the most common?

Tarina Tarantino Gem Gloss - Long Doe-Foot Applicator

A slight twist on the traditional doe-foot, this one is more flexible and holds more product. I like it because you have more control over where the gloss goes. The applicator curves with your lips and gives you a more even finish.

Lancome Color Fever Gloss - Triangle Doe-Foot

This applicator is unique to Lancome - they call it the "Lip-Magnify Applicator." It scoops up the product and allows for plentiful application.

Hourglass Lipgloss - Brush Applicator

Not sure how I feel about the brush applicator. With lighter colors it seems to work OK, but with darker shades it seems to streak and leave some lines. I usually end up fixing the lines with my finger tips to ensure I have a perfect pucker =)

Lip Fusion Infatuation - Short Brush Applicator

I've seen this shorter brush applicator in many new lipglosses lately. Unlike the traditional brush, the shorter one gives you more freedom to paint on your gloss and avoids the dreading streaking. It's been popping up everywhere, from Lip Fusion to YSL to LORAC. A new trend emerging, perhaps?

Do you ladies favor a certain type of applicator? Let us know! xoxo


  1. I like all the aplicatores, depends with what kind of gloss do u use it. But I sure like the brushes the most.

  2. Hiya, I like the traditional one or the one on the Lancome Gloss :)


  3. im using the benetint right now too~!

  4. @Summerbabe - very true. some applicators go better with different formulas.

    @beauty - thanks for following! xoxo

    @mr. pineapple - love the benetint for my cheeks!


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