Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pacifica Body Butter

While browsing Sephora on my lunch break (I know, surprise surprise) I came across the Pacifica Skincare and perfume line. Pacifica offers fragrances, body lotions and butters, soaps, candles and so forth. The pretty, feminine packaging caught my eye. The next step? Smelling and trying EVERYTHING.

I bought the Pacifica Body Butter in Hawaiian Ruby Guava. This product makes me want to jet to an island and drink a tropical cocktail straight out of a coconut! The scent is so sweet and refreshing - a perfect little "vacation" from the cold weather and snow plaguing us as of late.

The formula is very thick, more like a cream than a lotion. It is perfect for thirsty winter skin and when you need a little mood boost. The scent is pretty long lasting, without being overpowering and "stinky." Until the summer comes, I will put this vacation-in-a-jar to good use!


  1. "vacation-in-a-jar" - your cleverness never eases to amaze me. I love this.

  2. and by "eases" I mean ceases, of course.


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