Monday, March 15, 2010

Makeup Mayhem, Madness and Menacing Behavoir

Photoshoot of Makeup Mayhem, Madness and Menacing Behavior.
Enter at your own risk.

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Modeled by: unTruhero
Photographs by: Makeup Majesty

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  1. i'm so the next MAC model and my first photoshoot is with you as creative director and nigel as our photographer. good.

  2. i'm sad you didn't use mr. scoodles as a model too, but unTruhero is fierce on his own. these are amazing.

  3. Hi Makeup Majesty,I just checked your blog and became a follower; I had seen your blog at someone else's. Please check my blog

  4. Thanks for following me, seaNspa! I'll check put your page. And RJ, Mr. Snoodles should have made a cameo in the shoot!


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