Sunday, March 14, 2010

MAC Cosmetics Too Fabulous - Cremesheen Glass

As MAC describes this launch, "Cheeks and Lips get the pretty young thing treatment." The collection consists of six lip pencils, six mineralize blushes, and nine delicious shades of Cremesheen Glass!

As MAC addicts know, the Cremesheen Glass is a limited item...we are so happy that it's BACK! I would describe a Cremesheen as silky, bold, and long-lasting without being cakey or flakey.

The Cremesheen Glass & lip pencil combination that I purchased, was the Loud & Lovely Cremesheen Glass ($18) and the Trimmed in Pink lip pencil ($13). These two were a match made in Makeup Heaven. My lips with both products on are above!

I like to fill in my entire lips with the lip pencil, then gloss over it with the Cremesheen. The results are lustrous, sexy and attention-getting! By filling your lips in with the lip pencil, your gloss will stay intact for hours.

With bold lips like this, I try to go very light on the eyes to avoid looking like a circus freak with pounds of makeup (usually just a light coating of mascara and a nude, muted shadow).

Not huge on bright lips? Not a problem - Too Fabulous offers Cremesheen Glasses in many neutral and subdued shades such as Partial to Pink, Boy Bait & Fashion Scoop. Happy shopping, MACites.


  1. I really like this, could you possibly post a tutorial video or just tips and advice of how YOU apply lip pencil, such as the one shown above? :)

  2. RJ, good suggestion! I will try to do so! xoxo


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