Thursday, March 25, 2010

H&M Beauty - New Arrivals!

Get excited, H&Mers! As previously reported on Makeup Majesty, there have been cupcake sightings in H&M stores all around NYC. Cupcakes, you ask? Yes, cupcake lipgloss!

Now, H&M has launched a new line of makeup and personal care products. The beauty line includes - body scrub, body butter, body wash, hand wash, nail lacquer, lip balm, eye shadow palette, shower gel, body lotion, and makeup cases.

The majority of products came in three flavors: vanilla apple, pink grapefruit and peach blossom.

The New Additions to the H&M Family

Nail Lacquers

Butterfly Lip Balm

Eye Palette

Lip Balm - Vanilla Kiss

Vanilla Kiss Lip Balm and Vanilla Cupcake Lipgloss
Thanks to my doll Flower for the photo

What do we think? I think the packaging is pretty cute! Besides the cupcake lipgloss, I haven't tried anything from the H&M beauty line yet. Has anyone else tried anything? Share with us! xoxo


  1. Hi,
    the packaging is sooooo cute ;) Cant wait to get this in europe ;) I really like the nail polishes, they are great!


  2. Hii Doll! ,

    I love the lip balm. It's thin...but it will do.

    Glad to have been your assistant yesterday.

    Love you!

  3. HI! I just saw your blog from the makeup show facebook fan page! I am an artist designer and stylist please follow my blogs too!

  4. @Flower - you're the best, thanks for all your help!

    @Sara Faella - hi doll, thanks for the follow! i will check out your page! <3

  5. @SummerBabe - let me know if you try anything! i'd love to hear your opinions!


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