Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy About Cream...Shadows!

Hi Makeup Addicts! Since I got such great feedback and LOVE from you ladies on my Eye Liner reviews, I figured i'd share with you some of my favorite Cream Eye Shadows of all time! Read up and enjoy!

Illamasqua - Liquid Metal
Shade: Enrapture

Illamasqua is one of my new favorite brands, it reminds me of MAC with a different type of edge. This shadow is so beautiful! It's highly-pigmented and intense, definitely will make your eyes stand out. I prime my eyes, and use either a flat eye shadow brush (like MAC's #242 brush) or my fingers. If i'm going to apply eye liner on top of the shadow, I usually let the shadow dry for a few minutes before laying. This shade (Enrapture) is a great day to night color that will make a statement.

Too Faced - Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow
Shades: I'm Guilty (Teal Blue) and Bondage (Ivory)

This is truly the first of its kind, a NO CREASE CREAM EYE SHADOW. This is no joke - Too Faced means business! I purchased Bondage first, and it has become a staple in my every day beauty routine. It is a go-to, no-fail color that looks good on everyone, and it really does stay put all day! Unlike Illamasqua's shadow, these Too Faced shadows are more on the sheer and shiny side. I loved the formula so much, that I went back to Sephora and purchased the shadow in another shade - I'm Guilty (sounds about right...)This teal color is so fun for spring/summer! I keep both creaseless shadows in my beach bag - they are great to throw on when you aren't wearing a lot of makeup and always look shiny and pretty. A must-have in my opinion!

NARS - Cream Eye Shadow
Shade: Corfu

Similar to the Too Faced Creaseless Eye Shadows, the NARS Cream Eye Shadow is subtle and sheer. I like wearing this shade (Corfu) with a little mascara and bright lips. It looks natural and flawless - unfortunately, it will crease after some time. Since the application is silky and easy, I'll sneak off to the bathroom for a mid-day touch up!

Urban Decay - Precious Metals
Shade: Platinum

This product screams REBELLIOUS! The shadow name says it all - Precious Metal: Platinum. The color is extremely metallic, shiny and BOLD. I'd say mostly a night time color, I really go all out with my eyes when using this shadow! Once I let it dry, I like to apply a thick strip of liquid liner to the lash line, then apply false lashes. Instant diva makeup.

Yves Saint Laurent - Eye Colour Touch Water Resistant Shadow
Shade: Luminous Toffee

This is an excellent "on the go" shadow. With a built-in applicator brush, you could even put it on without using a mirror. This YSL Shadow has a high-shine, glow factor that makes for instant pretty doe-eyes. I keep this product in my desk at work and love it.

Partners in PRIME
Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer & Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

With all the amazing cream eye shadows above, you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE a good primer base. If any eye shadow is going to work for you all day, you must properly coat your lid with a primer first. I alternate between Urban Decay's Primer Potion and Smashbox Photo Finish. The best way to describe the difference between the two primers, is the Urban Decay primer is dryer and has a powder-like finish. The Smashbox Lid Primer is wetter and creamier, so only use a tiny amount each time or you will have a mess on your hands. =)

Was this helpful, chicks? Are there any Cream Eye Shadows that you can't LIVE without? Share them with us!


  1. I loooove cream shadows, but yes, a lot of times there is the problem of creasing.. I gotta try the Too Faced ones. Great review! Thank you:)

  2. Sweety thanks so much for doing this ;) Now i totaly need too faced shadows ;)
    Wanted to ask you about smashbox, do you know any online store that seds to europe? thanks ;)


  3. oh, you know how i love my eye makeup! great post. too faced never lets me down. this is great, i want to buy urban decay's primer potion simply for it's packaging!

  4. @FACE IT - no problem! let me know if you try any other shades!

    @SummerBabe - You're the best! Will Ulta or Sephora ship to Europe? If not, try contacting Smashbox on their website.

    @RJ - You're adorable! Get the shadow, you will not be disappointed =)

  5. Ulta&Sephora do not ship to Europe :S

    I will contact smashbox directly, thanks for reminding me this also is an option ;)

    Have a great day!

  6. No problem! Let me know if you get your hands on some Smashbox =)


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