Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cracked, Split, Train-Wreck LIPS

This frigid winter weather kicked my ass in so many ways – I was unable to wear cute dresses to work because it was too cold, the awful snow ruined a pair of my patent leather boots, and of course, the WORST – my lips are so dry, cracked and flakey!

OK, so what to do? To get my lips “in shape” for the warmer months, I set out on a mission – to find a great lip balm or lip conditioner to revive my lips and make them soft and silky once again.

I purchased two new makeup products (I know, I need to STOP), and also suggest an old favorite of mine that is always trustworthy.

Tarina Tarantino – Conditioning Lip Sheen
Shade: Showroom

Since I’m having a love affair with Tarina’s Gem Gloss (see older review), I wanted to try another product from the famed jewelry designer’s new beauty line. I was having trouble choosing a shade, since I really liked a few of the pinks. I settled on Showroom, and think it is a great shade and formula! For those of us who hate very “wet” and messy lip glosses or moisturizers, this lip sheen is great. It looks like a lipstick, but is more like a chapstick – with a major color upgrade. It goes on very smooth, and fills in all the damaged areas in your lips. It has a nice matte finish, which is also why I chose it. I’ve been favoring glittery and shimmery products lately, so I decided to switch it up with a different type of finish. Very unique and pretty, Tarina scores major points with me yet again!

Bare Escentuals Buxom – Big & Healthy Lip Balm
Shade: Wakiki

I’m not very familiar with Buxom; this is the first product I’ve purchased from the line. Buxom is a color line extension to the Bare Escentuals beauty products. Again, with many things, the packaging drew me in - very cute and girly! I opened it up, and loved the fact that it had a mirror inside. It sounds silly, but comes in handy when you’re digging around in your bag for one! The next thing I noticed was how amazing it smelled, very tropical and fruity (Wakiki being a good name, haha). The balm is VERY moisturizing and silky. It has more of a sheen finish, not so much of a shine. It’s very versatile – I would wear it to the beach or to the office. It’s ladylike and pretty, and just gives you a hint of color. LOVE.

MAC Cosmetics – Lip Conditioner

This has been a favorite of mine for a few years now! As I’m sure many MAC addicts like myself would agree, you can never go wrong with the lip conditioner – very moisturizing, silky and shiny. It’s colorless though, so look elsewhere if you’re looking for a tinted balm. You can wear this conditioner alone, or on top of any lipstick to instantly give it a new look. Works well in any season, and never fails if your lips need a big drink of moisture!

What do you think? Has anyone tried any of these, or tried any other products? Let us know! <3


  1. Hi, I did`t try any of this, but do own a lot of lip conditioners that I use during a day, but before going to bed I scrub my lips with honey&raw sugar and then leave a little honey on. My lips are smooth and soft and never ever chipped since I am doing that ;)


  2. @SummerBabe that's a great tip! I have to try that! =)


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