Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bye Bye, Shu Uemura

Today is a sad day for Shu Uemura fans. New York Fashion, WWD, and multiple other sources have confirmed that Shu Uemura, the Japanese luxury cosmetics brand, will no longer sell to the United States anymore. This is truly sad news! I would often browse Shu Uemura in Bloomingdale's, and was wowed with the brand's creativity, especially the exquisite variety of false lashes! I've always wanted the curly rainbow ones below!

According to New York Fashion, Shu Uemura (owned by L'Oreal) will no longer sell to the United States, due to the recent drop in sales. The brand will focus more on expanding growth globally; this change will not effect any Asian markets that currently carry this brand. However, there is a glimmer of hope - Shu Uemura promises that their products will still be available for online purchase to US residents! No word if that is their full inventory of products or a limited inventory though. Stay tuned!


  1. no way!!!! I love there eye lash curlers!!!! This is so sad... :(

    I love your blog though!!! :D

  2. hi doll, thanks so much!!! i will take a look at your site =) check back soon for updates <3


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